Joinery Made From uPVC Reduces Maintenance Time and Cost

Wednesday 7 October 2020, 9:29AM
By Sarah Glover

PRESS RELEASE - September 2020

Property owners have plenty on their plates. The upkeep of any property, be it residential or commercial, is an ongoing and relentless job and one which cannot be ignored. Small problems quickly become big ones if left undone.

For that reason, it is ideal for every component of a building to be as low-maintenance as possible. Window frames, particularly the wooden ones common in older homes, tend to require a lot of upkeep: sanding, painting, hinge replacements, dry rot repair, and more. Timber joinery can be a troublemaker, and even aluminium joinery can warp and need repair—but thankfully, there are more modern options. uPVC, an innovative material for window and door frames which is already in widespread use in Europe and other regions, provides an array of benefits. One of the most significant is that the material and final product are by nature very low maintenance.

Highly durable, uPVC frames are designed to withstand the New Zealand high-UV environment for 40 years and more. They do not rot or corrode. All that is required is the occasional wash with soapy water to leave the joinery looking as good as new.

If you are looking to fit or retrofit a property with new windows and doors, uPVC is a fantastic choice. Low maintenance, durable, eco-friendly, and secure due to its strength and multi-point locking systems, uPVC joinery by Eco Tauranga ticks all the boxes for savvy property owners. Get in touch with their team on 027 552 6065 or email at