Footprint is the largest online will provider in New Zealand Footprint is the largest online will provider in New Zealand CREDIT: Beckie Wright

Footprint Connect brings new & improved employee financial wellness solutions to NZ Businesses

Wednesday 7 October 2020, 2:17PM
By Beckie Wright

In a time of unprecedented change, having the right support systems in place for your employees is essential for every business.

As the largest online Will provider in New Zealand, Footprint has been helping thousands of kiwis create Wills online every year. With the official launch of their new online platform, Footprint Connect, the company aims to support employers and businesses alike by improving the financial wellbeing of their employees.

With a holistic view on employee wellness, a focus on financial literacy, and an aim to further their commitment to protecting NZ families, Footprint Connect offers a multi-pronged approach to their employee benefits programme. They offer a range of packages including a Will Deck, My Financial Footprint, and an outplacement package (ADAPT).

These Will packages offer a range of benefits to businesses and employees alike. While the Will Deck is their original estate planning package, offered on their main platform, Footprint, My Financial Footprint includes all the features found in the original package but with an additional focus on such topics as saving, budgeting, investing, and more.

The outplacement package (ADAPT) in comparison, is a one-off cost with all the benefits of My Financial Footprint. This package provides employers with a cost-effective digital workbench to help support transitioning employees over a 12-month timeframe.

All of these packages are aimed to address the immediate and long-term financial needs of employees and reduce stress and hardships in their lives. Because financial wellbeing goes hand in hand with mental wellbeing, Footprint also includes links to free wellbeing resources to help support employees in all aspects of their lives.

With 2021 only a few months away, this is the perfect time for businesses to take on and adopt innovative approaches that enable their employees to work efficiently and feel safe and supported in their employment.  

Therefore, employers looking to travel into the new year with new drive and momentum should make sure employee wellness is at the heart of their investment strategy. 

Footprint Connect’s packages are here to meet the diverse needs of businesses in New Zealand and worldwide. With their adaptable design, these Will packages can be easily incorporated and included in pre-existing employee benefit programmes or used independently as stand-alone wellbeing support.

For employers interested in the opportunities available through Footprint Connect, explore their will packages online and get the first 12 weeks FREE* on their fixed term packages. The offer is for a limited time only, so take advantage of the opportunity and visit Footprint Connect today at

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