House cleaning pricing guide NZ and Auckland

Thursday 5 November 2020, 5:15PM
By Mariia Lepa


One of the leading cleaning companies shared an article that answers the most common questions about cleaning cost in Auckland.  

One of the most popular question about cleaning is How much does the cleaner cost in NZ and Auckland? The article provides a guideline explaining what cleaning cost in Auckland depends on and why there is a range in prices sometimes.  

Furthermore, Life Maid easy shares a secret, how to decrease any cleaning cost no matter what cleaning service in Auckland you choose.

Read the Article: House cleaning pricing guide NZ and Auckland

The best news is that you can find a very usefull tool in the article called House Cleaning Cost Calculator (2020)® . It comes as a simple form. By filling this form people can get a quick estimate for one-off house cleanining. It takes 2 min in fact. 

Try Now : House Cleaning Cost Calculator (2020)®

House Cleaning Cost Calculator is suggested to be used for research purposes and for getting estimate for one-off home cleaning. 

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