Dreams dampened Dreams dampened CREDIT: Mark Baker

'Journal of a plague year' for local race drivers

Saturday 7 November 2020, 12:17PM
By Mark Baker


This plague year has seen the re-visioning of many championships and races.

It's an unfortunate reality that motorsport, like any sport, has been forced to take a good hard look at itself. Classic races have been delayed or cancelled worldwide, championships have run truncated or had rounds axed in order to fit into the resurgence part of 2020. And it's not over; Covid is still attacking in Europe, Russia, and of course the USA.

For anyone who has had their lives blighted by this 'tricky' virus, motorsport's travails must seem far away. First world problems. Best viewed from outer space.

But for Kiwi racers it's a huge challenge. It forces them to stay away from friends and family for extended periods of time, leaves them without support networks while racing.

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