Growing Website Continues To Give All Sports Exposure

Wednesday 2 December 2020, 9:10AM

It’s already given plenty of exposure to a wider variety of sports online and continues to grow stronger by the day.

Now you can see more sports getting the attention they deserve on and also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @nzsportswire.

The news website gives exposure to a wide variety of sports, including the less-covered non-elite tier and regional sports in New Zealand - feel free to send through stories and ideas. NZsportswire is keen to hear from you.

The big stories and sports are still covered, but so will those that do not always get the spotlight they deserve.

The platform will soon have more features as it continues to expand.

NZsportswire also provides sports media management services with experienced professionals able to assist in all areas of engagement, advice and exposure at prices everyone can afford. 

Check it out now,