BREATHING! feat. Dan "Hangman" Hooker

Wednesday 9 December 2020, 11:38AM
By Physio-Logic



Breathing is absolutely important and it is one of the primary functions we do to stay alive. It allows us to get our oxygen requirements, an essential component when we train and when we recover. Here, we have UFC fighter and dear friend Dan ‘The Hangman’ Hooker demonstrating.

To be efficient at breathing, we need to breathe in through our nose, and out through our lips. What we are trying to do is breath in and fill in our diaphragm, do not let the chest fill out too much.

To figure this out, place one hand on our belly, and the other on our chest.

Take a deep breath in, let the bottom hand do 95% of the movement.

The next consideration is a breathing ratio of in 1:2 out. Take a breath in, say 2 seconds, then your breath out should be 4 seconds.