Competition heats up in Auckland's waterfront accommodation market.

Wednesday 9 December 2020, 9:21PM
By Auckland-Hotels


Auckland has 2 new 5 star hotels in the Viaduct Harbour area. The magnificent Park Hyatt, and the quirky yet luxurious QT Auckland. Plus there's a new 4 star hotel, Travelodge Wynyard Quarter. Travelodge offers more modestly priced accommodation in an excellent location. All 3 hotels have opened just in time to capatilise on the America's cup. It's a real shame that the border is still for all intents and purposes closed. However this will mean plenty of accommodation bargins for New Zealanders travelling domesticly to enjoy the magnifient Auckland waterfront. 

The nearby Hotel Britomart is another new 5 star hotel opened just in time to take guests visiting Auckland for the Americas Cup. Many of the rooms offer harbour views and the standard of accommodation is exceptional. 

The opening of all these new hotels will put pressure on the more established hotels in the area to renovate their rooms and common areas if they want to compete on quality instead of just price. Sofitel recentlyto the opportunity granted by the lack of tourists due to Covid and  closed for a quick refresh. Hilton Auckland aso took over the top floor of their building and added new high end rooms last year, so the competition has already seen improvements from the major hotels in the area. 

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