what's under  your carpet? what's under your carpet? CREDIT: Premium Cleaning Services

Your Carpet is Making You Sick According to Auckland-based Cleaning Services

Saturday 19 December 2020, 7:33PM
By Premium Cleaning Services

Lift your carpet and you’ll only see what’s visible to the naked eye. Lest we forget dust mites, fungi spores, mold, dander, toxins, and other allergens. May or may not be fatal, these microscopic insects and bacterias should not be welcome in every home. 

AUCKLAND, NZ --- “I had a pearly white carpet that spreads across my living home. But it’s been stained and marked by my kids and dogs with dirt I can’t tell where from. Scheduling an in-house carpet cleaning Auckland service was the best decision I’ve made. The color is close to when I bought it first and all stains are gone!” shares a client. 

According to an Auckland-based cleaning service, Premium Clean, there is nothing like the dirt that accumulates in a carpet. Regardless of whether you have allergies or not, you’ll instantly inhale dust that can trigger you to sneeze and worse, runny nose. “That’s irritating to have. To sneeze because of the dust that’s in your carpet.” says a Premium cleaner.

Most common health issues brought by a dirty carpet


Red eyes or a runny nose is a sign that you are suffering from allergies. All things unwanted buildup in your carpet can easily trigger an allergy attack. It just makes your day unpleasant. 

If you frequently wake up with allergic symptoms, carpets should be one of the first places you must look at. Studies warn us that these irritants can build up in your carpet. It also can flare up in the immediate hours after vacuuming. That is why we recommend to schedule cleaning before the carpet looks like it needs to retire and be replaced.

Skin irritation

Similar to getting Itchy skin, rashes, athlete’s feet, and eczema from dirty fabric, dirty carpet can also trigger or make those types of skin irritation worse. No thanks to dust mites. While cleaning schedules are efficient, hiring a diligent carpet cleaning service will ensure putting these mites away from your home. 

Stomach illness

Wet carpet from liquid spillage? That will definitely become damp sooner or later. In the end, it presents a good habitat for mold. These molds thrive in damp areas. Of course, you can always clean the spillage with a tissue… but we all know that’s not cleaned enough deep down. Don’t count 20 more spillages until you book a cleaning schedule. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. In the case of a carpet, save money from disposing of carpets because the dirt makes it a one time use. 

Cleaning carpets like sweeping floors, they’re never the same

Carpets are cleaned less frequently than floors. While we vacuum carpets during cleaning day, it does not entirely rid them of unwanted dirt and bacteria living in between the fabric. We still high power vacuums and machines that will not only make the carpet look immaculate, it will also be purified. 

About Premium Clean

Premium Clean is an Auckland-based cleaning company that has been around New Zealand since 2015. They have completed more than 30,000 cleaning jobs and have continuously operated in more than 9 cities. Having a long track record, they have adopted the use of technology to save our customers’ time and deliver consistent service. The company’s booking process enhances its reliability in the field. You can book Premium Cleaning services here: Cleaning Services