Hugo Plastics Launches New Website For Civil And Industrial Products

Wednesday 17 February 2021, 10:09AM
By Media Giant

New website offers a range of plastic products for your needs.

Hugo Plastics new website simplifies navigation and helps interested customers gain knowledge about the specialist products they produce.

The new design allows people to explore the different products Hugo Plastics has on offer and it helps customers easily find the right service for their specific sector.

Through various drop-down menus for trade waste, environmental products and specialty products, customers can explore the range of options that Hugo Plastics can fabricate.

The newly created contact page allows for an easy way to get in touch with the company and start a conversation on any plastic fabrication and design recommendation for different projects.

Hugo Plastics caters to the agricultural, civil engineering, environmental, marine, and architectural industries across New Zealand, with all products made in the country from local and imported materials. We believe that you can do anything with plastic and are open to create a solution for whatever problem you might have.

For more information visit our new website at .