Virtual Assistants Succeed In Phone Answering Services And Launch New Website

Wednesday 17 February 2021, 10:25AM
By Media Giant

Virtual Assistants can now answer the phone on your behalf! Check out their new website at and get in contact with the team if you need an extra help of hands.

The new website simplifies navigation across the pages and offers information about the various assistant services the company provides. Interested customers can browse the team on the about us page and easily get in contact with the virtual assistant they are most inclined to hire for their business.

Virtual Assistants can offer support for your business without having to come into the office. The team has recently launched a new type of assistance, phone answering services on behalf of their clients.

If your office provides service across the phone to clients, the team at Virtual Assistants can now answer the phone for you and give you more time to focus on other urgent tasks.

Need a Nerd Wellington is one of Virtual Assistant’s clients, who have found the service extremely successful in eliminating the need for them to spend extensive time on their phone and provide them opportunity to work on more pressing matters.

Virtual Assistants is an Upper Hutt based online company offering digital, bookkeeping, written words, customer service, and personal assistance services for businesses across the whole of New Zealand. The team caters for a wide range of businesses and can assist with a variety of tasks ranging from social media management and marketing services to editing and calendar management, all virtually!

For more information visit them at .