Eco Doors And Windows Receive BRANZ Appraisal For All Their Products

Thursday 18 February 2021, 9:43AM
By Media Giant

All profiles used at Eco Doors and Windows are now BRANZ appraised.

A BRANZ appraisal is an evaluation of building products and systems, evaluating if they meet Building Code performance requirements and making sure products are fit for purpose.

The appraisals highlight the quality of the products at Eco Doors and Windows and assure customers that they will get the best product for their money.

The German engineered uPVC glass from our company come with a full 15-year warranty and meet all other design and testing standards, both in Europe and Australia.

Eco Windows and Doors provides local sales and support for our customers in the Wellington region and import all the necessary products from the German factory in Karlsruhe, so that our customers don’t have to.

The BRANZ appraisal of our products highlights the exceptional standard of our services and we are looking forward to getting in contact with you about your double glazing journey.

Eco Doors and Windows is a provider of uPVC joinery in the Wellington region. The team can fit your house with German engineered double glazing, that are sure to last you over 50 years. uPVC windows are a better choice over the traditional aluminium and timber windows, as they keep your house warmer, quieter, and are eco-friendlier. Get in touch with our team, who can fit your house with double glazed windows and doors.

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