Aircare Extraction Systems Launches New Website

Thursday 25 February 2021, 2:36PM
By Media Giant

The new website allows for easy navigation across the products and a user-friendly experience.

Interested customers can explore the different types of products manufactured by Aircare and read all the detail about them, so clients can choose the best option for their needs.

The newly added menus allow for seamless navigation across the site and help customers find what they are looking for.

The easily accessible contact button lets customers write a message to Aircare and start a conversation without having to leave the website.

The website justifies Aircare, as a reputable company and allows customers to gain an insight into the company’s profile.

Visit the new website at for all your extraction system needs!

Aircare Extraction Systems Limited, is situated in Melbourne Australia and has been manufacturing for over 35 years. The company specialises in the creation of fume cupboards, fume extraction fans, fume scrubbing systems, and customised products in rigid plastic fabrication. Our team are experts in meeting exact design and quality control requirements and thrive to produce the best products for our client’s needs. If you would like to order any extraction system, get in contact with our team!

For more information visit our website at .