Optimo Is Coming To Wellington

Thursday 25 February 2021, 2:42PM
By Media Giant

No need for real estate agents, as Optimo comes to the Wellington region.

Selling your home will be much easier from now on, as Optimo provides more service and support than a traditional real estate agent.

The service eliminates the need for a real estate agent, which allows buyers to make more money from their sale and eliminate what they would pay their agent.

Optimo has explored success in the Manawatu, with several houses sold directly from the old to the new owners and making the sales process much simpler.

The service offers a team of specialists including a marketing and sales consultant, videographers, photographers, certified property valuers, and real estate lawyers, who can offer more thorough support during the sale of the property for a lesser fee.

A new website will shortly accompany the move of the service to the Wellington region, where interested customers will be able to sell their property and utilise Optimo easier.

Optimo is the newest way to eliminate real estate agent fees when selling your home. Instead of a single person with a large commission fee, Optimo provides a group of experts for their client and only asks for a fixed fee each time a house is sold. This service allows for a more hassle-free experience, as a whole team will be working on getting your house sold for the best price. If you want your home sold with the help of experts and a reduced fee, then get in touch with our team!

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