How the Pandemic is Causing a Shortage of Plumbing Supplies

Friday 26 February 2021, 11:08AM
By Premium SEO NZ


We all know the numerous effects that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on our everyday lives. Hand sanitiser, masks, and the Covid tracer app have all become essentials that we cannot leave home without. One unexpected way that the pandemic is now affecting us is through a shortage of plumbing and electrical supplies. That’s right; Covid-19 is now directly impacting our plumbing and electrical work.

Unfortunately, the construction sector is currently having trouble getting hold of enough plumbing and electrical supplies to complete all of the projects they are working on. Even the most basic of materials are suddenly in short supply, which is causing massive frustration for both plumbers and electricians.

This has been going on since around mid-2020, as suppliers in many industries predicted a considerable reduction in the demand for their items. Accordingly, they started making fewer items than they usually would. However, progress on many construction projects is now continuing, and plumbing and electrical items are in hot demand. Suppliers are now scrambling to keep up with the current pace of the plumbing and electrical industry.

The shortage of necessary supplies is resulting in delays on many construction projects. It is causing building construction to run over time and over budget, which has been hugely frustrating for both commercial and residential customers alike. Part of the issue is that the contractors are not in control of when new supplies are coming into the country. Plumbers and other contractors are desperately putting in orders for the in-demand supplies, but often have no idea how long it will take them to arrive. This makes it difficult to provide specific and accurate timelines for the completion of projects.  The delay is regularly as long as three to four months to get in the right supplies.

Occasionally, the tradespeople are able to source alternative products. However, when working with an unfamiliar material, there can be more issues that arise, or the alternatives may be lower quality than they are used to. Plus, in many situations, if a plumber or electrician has to change materials part way, they need to ask the local council if this still complies with the building code. So, this is not an ideal solution either.

There has been a rise in home renovations as well as larger building projects in recent months, which are partially contributing to this high demand. Delays in accessing the correct materials are bringing construction sites to a halt until the right components can be found.

If things keep going the way they are in the construction industry with these supplies shortages; it will be sadly unsurprising if more businesses go under. Running over time and over budget on projects doesn’t just cost the customer – it costs the company. Not all businesses have enough cash in reserve to cover the shortfalls as they must await payment from customers which won’t come until the project is completed.

So, if you have an idea for a building project coming up, such as a bathroom renovation, now is an excellent time to support local businesses. Many companies need more bookings in order to keep their businesses afloat during this time. However, you may want to check which plumbers Auckland has who can access the supplies you need. Whether it’s hot water cylinders, taps, or pipes, give your plumber of choice a call to check that they can meet your needs. Surely, as demand keeps coming for plumbing and electrical supplies, the suppliers will rise to meet requirements. In the meantime, try to find tradespeople who already have what you need.