Hugo Plastic's Settling Tanks Help Keep Wastewater Clarified

Wednesday 3 March 2021, 1:21PM
By Media Giant

Specifically designed for dental and medical laboratories and art workshops, Hugo Plastic’s settling tanks keep our wastewater clear.

A settling tank allows particles heavier than water to sink to the bottom of the tank, thereby eliminating toxic waste to get into our wastewater.

The heavy material at the bottom of the tank is separated from the water and can be cleaned whenever required by a person.

Hugo Plastic’s has two different versions of settling tanks, that can be specifically designed to fit the space they are installed into to ensure that your dental or medical practice will not be impacted by the system.

This product is essential for these practices and workshops, as it ensures that the businesses follow council regulations to reduce the dirt from our wastewater. They help keep our waters clean and are environmentally friendly.

If your dental or medical practice, or art workshop requires a settling tank, get in contact with our team, who will manufacture and fit one into your space.

Hugo Plastics is a design and plastics manufacturing company based in Wellington catering for a range of different industries across the whole of New Zealand. The team is extremely experienced and can solve any issue be it small or large. Contact the team at Hugo Plastics if you require trade waste, environmental, or other specialty products for your business!

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