Productive Tasks for your Work-from-Home Breaks

Wednesday 3 March 2021, 8:43PM
By Urban Care

Taking breaks while working from home is something people struggle to do. Doing tasks in the place where they’re supposed to wind down and rest can become confusing. People can become tempted to either work 12 hours a day or lie around on the couch all day. If it's the former and working nonstop has been the default setting, gradually the work quality, output, or even health can decrease. It's impossible to be 100% productive all the time and not suffer consequences. What's important is to have discipline and take breaks. Breaks where a person won't be scrolling mindlessly on the phone, taking 3-hour long naps, and ultimately forgetting tasks at hand. With these productive break ideas, one can spend a quick 15 minutes to be on their way to being more mindful about one’s well-being.

Tend to plants

If a person owns some plants at home, take at least 5 minutes to water them, rotate them to sunlight, and pluck off any dead leaves.

Read a book

Making time to feed the brain and doing something other than work is beneficial. A fiction book that'll disconnect you from the real world or a self-help or non-fiction book where one can truly learn a lot from can be the best companion during breaks.

Take a walk

A quick walk in the garden or a nearby park can do wonders for the mind and body. It will not only keep a person more focused by taking a few breaths of fresh air, but it will also be beneficial to relieve stress by listening to and observing the birds and seeing greenery.

Take meditation and stretching breaks

With all the stress that a job gives people, stretching and meditating can alleviate all the anxiety and boost one’s focus throughout the day. There are free apps nowadays to do breathing and meditation. Making it a daily habit will surely elevate the day, uplift a person, and keep them energized.

Prepare healthy snacks

At home, a person is more than tempted to eat what's currently available. Usually, instant snacks and chips are readily available in the pantry. They're quick to prepare and eat, but they are not healthy. Eating fresh and nutritious food is essential, and taking the time to prepare them during breaks will surely be worth it. Even a good cup of coffee or herbal tea, nutritious snacks like carrots and hummus will fill one up until lunchtime.

Do quick tasks or hobbies that you enjoy

Play a song with your favorite musical instrument, a home workout or yoga, maybe even a bath. All this will relax and relieve a person of stress. Spending some time doing the things he enjoys, though for a short period of time, will do wonders for a person’s mental health.

Disconnect from social media

As Juta Roed advised, “Whilst it is important to keep up to date, it is also essential to avoid excess exposure to the media, emails, and texts relating to the pandemic.” She recommended that finance professionals limit their availability to specific times in the day, not only to keep up to date with work but also to avoid becoming overwhelmed with news and information.

Clean your space

Nothing is a better stress-reliever than working in a clean, pristine-looking area. House cleaning, specifically tackling one part at a time will make much difference. Start, switch, fold, put a load away of your laundry. A person can merely let the washing machine do its thing throughout the workday. You can also wash the dishes in 15 minutes, straighten out the living room, fluff pillows in the bedroom, and more. Nothing gives that satisfaction more than a clean home.

Schedule a few calls

In connection with cleaning the space, if you're too busy to deep clean and you see every chore piling up, you can schedule a cleaning service in just 5 minutes. Cleaning services like Urban Care can do an excellent job making your house look, feel, and even better than ever.