Wellington House Deposits are Increasing – How Optimo Could Help You

Tuesday 9 March 2021, 3:56PM
By Media Giant

With house prices in Wellington increasing, Optimo can be a great choice to sell on and look at what’s for sale.

According to research conducted by, house deposits in the capital have increased by $43,000 in the past year, making it even more difficult for first home buyers to purchase a house.

Optimo makes the process easier for both home sellers and buyers, by eliminating the single agent concept.

With so much difficulty and uncertainty around the housing market in Wellington, and the increased house prices, real estate agents can also be relatively expensive. Optimo has a single fixed fee and bring you in direct contact with potential buyers, so you can negotiate the terms of sale according to your own requirements.

Through this simpler process, and cheaper property sale fee, the house you are wanting to purchase will be readily available and likely advertised for cheaper. At Optimo, we believe we can help first home buyers purchase a property for the fairest price.

Optimo offer a simple way to eliminate real estate agent fees when selling your home. Instead of a single person with a large commission fee, Optimo provides a group of experts for their client and only asks for a fixed fee when you sell your house. This service allows for a more hassle-free experience, as a whole team of professionals work together with you to sell your house for the best price. Get in contact with our team if you require support in selling your home!

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