Building for Climate Change: How Plumbing is Impacted by the New Proposal

Wednesday 10 March 2021, 11:34AM
By Media Giant

Garcia Plumbing and Gas strives to follow the government’s advice on the regulation of carbon emissions at construction sites.

With the goal of becoming zero carbon emission in 2025 the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has set up the Building for Climate Change programme.

The framework includes suggestions about how emissions associated with materials and products during the building’s whole lifecycle can be reduced. These include using existing stock, reducing construction waste, and increasing the durability of materials.

It also includes objectives, such as reducing operational carbon emissions and water use, and improving the wellbeing of occupants by bettering the indoor environmental quality.

MBIE is proposing to regulate the efficiency through several requirements that will need to be followed and reported on.

The proposed regulations will mean that plumbers, like Garcia Plumbing, will need to turn to the use of more natural materials, rather than fossil fuels such as gas.

Even though the proposed ban on new household gas connections will be difficult to follow, Garcia Plumbing will ensure they offer the most climate-friendly products and services to their customers. Get in contact with us to see how we can help make your house more energy efficient and aligned with these future requirements.

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