Canda Can Help Prevent Your Organisation's Microsoft Exchange Services From Being Exploited

Wednesday 10 March 2021, 2:24PM
By Media Giant

New vulnerabilities within the Microsoft system are a major cyber security threat.

According to CERT NZ the threat has started as early as February and has exploited a number of systems on the 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 versions of the Microsoft Exchange Service.

Canda suggests that all organisations on the above-mentioned systems have a thorough investigation of any cyber security threats and conduct a risk assessment procedure, to ensure their data hasn’t been compromised and is still protected.

The team at Canda can take this process of your hands, to ensure that your organisation’s data is cyber secure, and no exploitation has occurred.

We suggest you apply the new updates to your server immediately to reduce the risk of being hacked. If you want to make sure that no data has been compromised and you are protected against such threats in the future, get in contact with Canda who can help with all your cyber security needs.

Canda offers their services in information security, certification and accreditation, risk assessment, and system security amongst others. Our experienced team ensures that your organisation’s data is protected and is not susceptible to cyber security threats, such as the one mentioned. By coming to Canda for help, you can make the right step towards preventing your information from being exploited and compromised. Contact us now if you need support with cyber security!

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