How much does house cleaning service cost in Auckland?

Friday 12 March 2021, 11:51AM
By Mariia Lepa


One of the leading cleaning companies in Auckland lounged a new updated version of House Cleaning Cost calculator 2021 due to popular demand for a “ball-park” figure for cleaning.

Life Maid Easy Cleaning Service updated the cost calculator to make it more accurate, and to include more factors that are involved in the cleaning cost (Targeting Auckland).

House cleaning cost calculator will be efficient and helpful for houseowners who are looking for a rough cost of cleaning services in Auckland. It is also considered to reflect current Auckland market prices of cleaning services, labour and other fees.

Life Maid Easy offers a cost calculator for end of tenancy clean and spring clean of home and it is designed to get an indication of what you can expect from cleaning services in Auckland based on the provided information – but there are other variables that could impact on the cost of the cleaning (Eg condition of home, size, add-ons, etc).

House Cleaning Cost calculator 2021 by Life Maid Easy ® is free to use and it is also provides an article for those who would like to know more details about cleaning prices in Auckland and what it can depend on.

The article also provides an additional information on what different cleaning services in Auckland charge based on. 

Moreover, there is a guide on how to find good and reliable cleaners in Auckland. It gives practical tips that help to identify reliable cleaning services that safe to use.

Life Maid Easy also shares 7 ways on how to save money on any one-off house cleaning.  

To Read the Article and try House Cleaning Cost calculator 2021 by Life Maid Easy ® follow the active link: House Cleaning Cost calculator 2021 by Life Maid Easy ®

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