Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Immediate Service

Thursday 25 March 2021, 5:47AM
By Premium SEO NZ


Your heat pump is essential to your everyday life and is without a doubt needed. When you use an appliance regularly it is important to always keep up routine maintenance to ensure it is properly functioning as it should be. Knowing your heat pump is vital, you should know warning signs that you can lookout for to know when service is needed.

You notice a sudden increase in your energy bills. It's known the heat pump can use a lot of electricity, but if you notice your energy bill has skyrocketed and you haven't increased your usage then you should look at servicing your heat pump. You may need to replace the air filter or have a professional check the refrigerant charge.

You have airflow that just isn't flowing. An issue with your ducts may be causing poor airflow. If you don't have any issues with our ducts, then the heat pump itself can be the issue. There are many things that can cause poor airflow; dirty coils, dirty air filters, blockage of the outside unit, or it could be a more technical issue.

You hear unusual noises. Heat pumps have a normal humming sound… but if you hear flapping, screeching, rattling or other noises you may need to service your heat pump. In this instance, you want to get that checked out immediately.

An unusual/odd smell. If the air that comes out of the heat pump smells off you need to have it checked out. There could be mold forming, something could be a potential fire hazard, or thee may be an electrical issue.

You have the heat pump going but it's still cold. You could have an issue with your fan, thermostat or even the fan motor. There could also be an electrical issue also.

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