Westgate Cafe Smashed Pumpkin Westgate Cafe Smashed Pumpkin CREDIT: CSI Systems Ltd

How can cafes find a way out of Covid?

Tuesday 6 April 2021, 2:39PM
By CSI Systems Ltd

How CSI Systems helped a struggling Westgate cafe get back on it's feet

What kind of results can you expect from social marketing? 6 months ago, Smashed Pumpkin Cafe was relatively unheard of, hidden away between a bike shop and a gym in westgate. They had a free google site which was languishing and noone knew of them or where to find them.

Enter CSI Systems... first we needed to purchase the domain name to protect the brand, and create a website centered around performance that also highlighted the unique food offering.

Once this was complete, the real work began of promoting the name to the local community for awareness.

At the same time as working towards increasing ranking within search results, we began to push hard with a social strategy that not only introduced the brand to new customers, but to also increase social sharing and awareness.

As the saying goes only what is measured can improve. With eCommerce websites it is very easy to track return on investment through conversion from search to purchase, but with bricks and mortar this can be somewhat difficult. So how did we measure the success of our social media marketing promotion?

We split the measurement of campaign success into 2 parts - The 1st part being the number of people who directly visited the website from all social media promotion, and the 2nd measured through the number of people who searched for directions on Google maps.

Each time we launched a social promotion we saw a huge boost not only in the number of people who were directly visiting the website, viewing pictures and menu items, but also the number of searches for directions to get to the store. These people were almost certainly new customers who had not been to the store before and needed to know how to get there.

The flow-on effect of all this is that 6 months ago, there were almost no searches in Google for the term "Smashed Pumpkin Cafe", and now there are hundreds each month.

This little Westgate Cafe is now on the map, so to speak!

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