Double Glazing Vs Retrofitting Double Glazing Vs Secondary Glazing - In depth Analysis in terms of Cost, Benefits, Efficiency and more

Thursday 8 April 2021, 11:10AM
By Superior Renovations


More people in Auckland want to move from single glazed windows to double glazed windows because it provides better Insulation, promotes a healthy environment as well as prevents damage to the structure of their home by protecting against moisture as well as mould. 

Superior Renovations has put together a comprehensive guide on what type of double glazing is right for Auckland homes depending on their condition as well as Insulation needs. 

The article discusses the differences between Double Glazing, Retrofitting Double Glazing and Secondary Glazing. These technical terms are often interchangabely used but in reality are very different from eachother. They differ in insulation levels as well as how they are manufactured and installed. 

The guide further delves into the Pros and Cons of each glazing, the costs and will help Aucklanders decide which one is right for particular home. 

You can read the entire article on double glazing windows and doors  by going on their website:

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