Is It Time To Introduce The Sugar Tax? – Real Dentistry

Thursday 22 April 2021, 1:52PM
By Media Giant

The Dental Association supports the introduction of a sugar tax based on successful models.

At Real Dentistry, we regularly see several children and adults with tooth decay caused by consuming sugary soft drinks and wonder what a good solution for this issue might be.

There are advocates for the introduction of the sugar tax, which has proven successful overseas, as there has been a drop in soft drink consumption in the UK and in turn, better oral health.

As dentists, we increasingly see children having their teeth taken out with general anaesthetic, as the decay is beyond repair. We believe that the government should take collective action to reduce the number of children having to undergo this treatment so early in their lifetime.

When you come to our friendly dental practice, we will advise the whole family about how you can keep your oral health up, and the first thing we will say is to reduce your sugar consumption, starting with soft drinks.

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