The Abolition Of DHBs Will Have A Great Impact On Employment Infrastructure – Buckett Law Explains

Wednesday 28 April 2021, 9:14AM
By Media Giant

The recent announcement by the government about creating a centralised healthcare system and abolishing the current District Health Boards will significantly change the infrastructure of jobs within the health sector.

Buckett Law warns that people in health jobs can expect significant restructuring, redundancies and an overall new employment infrastructure, so it is a good idea to engage an employment lawyer to support you through this period of change.

The national public health service, called Health New Zealand, will be overseen by the Ministry of Health with the hope that healthcare issues will be solved and that patients in different regions will receive the same high-quality care they need.

District Health Board employees might be moved across regions, their job titles and income might change, and they could even be made redundant. At Buckett Law, we suggest you engage in the services of an employment lawyer to ensure that the legal requirements of your employment relationship have been followed and your rights are protected.

Buckett Law is a specialist employment law firm in Wellington, offering its services to both employers and employees. The team is experienced in solving disputes, personal grievance issues and supporting business restructuring and redundancies. If you would like to learn more about what these new changes might mean for you in the future or need a specialist team to work with you on legal employment issues, contact us now!

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