32 Gems Dental Care Can Help You After An Injury

Thursday 6 May 2021, 9:50AM
By Media Giant

The experienced team at 32 Gems Dental are ACC accredited and can provide a variety of treatments after an injury.

If you have a dental injury due to an accident at home, at work or during sports, a claim can be registered through your dentist to ACC. 32 Gems Dental Care offer emergency appointments for dental issues from accidents and help you with the ACC claims process.

It is essential to visit a dentist after an injury to your mouth and teeth to ensure nothing serious has happened. Our team will thoroughly examine your damage with X-rays and photos, which are essential for lodging a claim with ACC. We will support you in filling out the ACC form and explain how much funding you might get.

If you have had an accident that has damaged your teeth, be sure to contact 32 Gems Dental, who can help you with the ACC claims process and get you out of pain.

32 Gems Dental Care provide a range of high-quality dental treatments in Lower Hutt. We offer services in general, restorative, orthodontic, preventative and cosmetic dentistry. Our experienced team strives to help with your oral health issues and give you a comfortable and effective treatment during your visit. Contact us now if you would like to find out more about our emergency dental services or our ACC accreditation.

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