Covid Vaccinations And Your Obligations As An Employer – Affinity Accounting

Friday 7 May 2021, 2:55PM
By Media Giant

Affinity Accounting explains your obligations as an employer when supporting the vaccination of your employees.

Employment New Zealand has published some guidelines about what employer’s roles are in the workplace during the Covid vaccination process. We summarise their recommendations below.

All employers should support and encourage their workers to get vaccinated and provide the team with helpful information about the vaccine’s benefits. You can ask your employees whether they have been vaccinated. They don’t have to answer, and you are obliged to keep their status private unless they have given you consent to share the information.

Paid time off should be offered for your employees to get vaccinated if they need it!

Employees unable or opting out of being vaccinated shouldn’t be discriminated against. However, a specific job might need to be completed by a vaccinated person. It is essential to know that immunisation status is not a legal reason to dismiss someone.

Affinity Accounting encourages employers to support their staff during the vaccination process. Keep updated with the government’s announcements about when you can get the vaccine.

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