Somar Digital Supported Kiwis During Last Year's Covid 19 Lockdown

Tuesday 11 May 2021, 10:03AM
By Media Giant

The Covid 19 Outdoors website helped communicate what Kiwis were allowed to do during various alert levels.

Together with the Mountain Safety Council, Somar Digital supported all New Zealanders b providing information about all outdoor activities in one place. We believe it was important to bring a straightforward answer to anyone interested in outdoor activities during such a challenging time and encourage Kiwis to get out of their homes.

Somar Digital built the website in just eight days together with over 30 organisations involved in the process and coordination. With its simplicity and functionality, the website is easy to use for anyone and offers trusted governmental information. In the first 48 hours, more than 10,000 Kiwis completed online searches for activities allowed across different regions. With mobile design in mind, the website allows anyone anywhere to access the information easily and quickly.

The Covid 19 Outdoors website was recognised as a finalist in the User Experience category at the 2020 Best Design Awards, showcasing the excellence in their UX design.

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