Are Workplace Health And Safety Committees Mandatory? Buckett Law Explains

Thursday 13 May 2021, 10:30AM
By Media Giant

All workplaces must have effective processes in place for worker participation to improve health and safety in their environment, however, committees are not mandatory.

An organisation must establish a Health and Safety Committee if requested by their Health and Safety representative or by at least five workers at the business unless there are less than 20 workers and the environment is not considered a high-risk sector or industry.

Workers in MIQ facilities have a high risk of contracting COVID and have been criticised for not establishing Workplace Health and Safety Committees swiftly. As there are often more than 20 workers and the environment is high-risk, these workplaces are required to have a committee established.

The organisation has two months to create a health and safety process once it has been requested. Failure to comply is a legal offence and can result in convictions, with the maximum fine for an individual not complying with the law being $20K.

Buckett Law can support a workplace health check and give legal advice on establishing a Health and Safety Committee.

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