Waikato DHB Cyber Attack Shines Light On Importance of Cyber Security

Thursday 20 May 2021, 9:04AM
By Media Giant

The Waikato DHB’s IT system shut down after a cyber attack stopped all emails, phones and access to patient files.

The occurrence highlights the importance of having cybersecurity and risk assessment best practices in place for any governmental and other large organisations. Canda, a cybersecurity organisation, can support you in meeting requirements and ensuring that all your data will be protected from a similar cyber attack.

With the system still being shut down and hopefully reset by the weekend, many surgeries, appointments and emergency injuries have been disrupted and patients unbeing to be cared for. The situation showcases the need for a secure system and a thorough plan if anything like this happens.

Canda can improve your organisation’s security profile, resolve your concerns and create a plan that ensures you are best protected against cyber threats and attacks.  The fact that the Waikato DHB was hacked through an email attachment points to the fact that some standard data protection procedures weren’t in place even in governmental agencies. We can help you with that.

Canda offers services in ICT certification and accreditation, consultancy, system security plans, and cybersecurity. Contact our experienced team today if you want to ensure your organisation’s data is protected and want any process requirements to be set in place.

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