Garcia Plumbing Supports Master Plumbers' Submissions To The Water Services Bill

Monday 31 May 2021, 9:54AM
By Media Giant

Proposals to the new Water Services Bill have now been closed, with Garcia Plumbing highlighting some concerns about backflow prevention requirements and questions about the point of supply.

There is a lack of clarity in how the bill will be enforced and how smaller suppliers will be able to comply with some of the new conditions, which we at Garcia Plumbing are also part of. Adding the requirement of being a certified and licensed plumber for anyone who installs or maintains a potable water supply network will also ensure that the professionals have the right skills, qualifications and experience to do the job correctly.

With the new proposed Water Services Bill, the plumbing community in New Zealand hopes that there will be more clarity around all the requirements and safer and well-established rules that apply to all plumbers and water workers in the whole country.

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