Proper Pizza's MasterChef Team Building Challenge a Winner!

Monday 31 May 2021, 7:03PM
By Beckie Wright


If you are looking for a team building activity for your employees, Proper Pizza’s new MasterChef team building challenge is a great way for your team to get to know each other, and build a solid basis for working together in the future. Keep reading to learn more about team building at Proper Pizza—home of the best pizza in Auckland! 

Team building is a necessary investment if you want to foster a connected and motivated team, and can help to boost creativity, innovative thinking, communication, and build trust. Taking part in a challenge together, learning new skills, and focusing on fun are the keys to a successful event that will leave everyone buzzing, according to team building experts. 

Proper Pizza have designed a unique activity that builds on these aspects of powerful team building. Your team will take part in a MasterChef style challenge over 1.5 to 3 hours, where they will work together to create delicious pizzas and win over the judges! By working together to achieve a goal, learning new pizza-making skills, and taking part in a fun experience, your team will feel like they have achieved something and formed closer bonds with each other. 

Starting with dividing your team into groups, they will be asked to replicate one of the pizzas from the Proper Pizza menu, following a special cooking show. Next, the winners of the first challenge will compete against each other to create a pizza of their own, to be judged by Proper Pizza’s expert chefs. They will be taught that communication is key in the kitchen, learning how to highlight each other’s strengths and to delegate efficiently.  

In any challenge, teamwork is essential, and you will see your team come together as they work towards a common goal, working on their time management skills at the same time. This means a fun day, creating strong team bonds.  

Proper Pizza can accommodate groups from 8-50 people from any industry, whether you are a large corporate business or a smaller team, and don’t forget Proper Pizza also provides gourmet pizza catering for office meetings, corporate events and Friday drinks.   

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