Solve Your Trade Waste With Hugo Plastics

Tuesday 1 June 2021, 1:57PM
By Media Giant

Hugo Plastics is focusing on creating custom made solutions to trade waste for a wide range of industries.

The plastic manufacturer company are experts in creating grease traps and interceptors to ensure that trade waste does not go into our waterways and impacts our environment. Hugo Plastic’s products are a solution for several types of waste, including toxic oils and petrol.

The experienced team understands that various industries and locations require different sized and shaped solutions made from different materials. As Hugo Plastics manufactures their own grease traps and interceptors, we can accommodate whatever our client’s needs may be, such as creating a trap or a tank for limited space.

Hugo Plastics is a design and plastics manufacturing company based in Wellington but offering their services to the whole of New Zealand. Catering to the agricultural, civil engineering, environmental, marine and architectural industries across the country, we create innovative options for whatever your trade waste needs may be. The professional team uses advanced fabrication techniques, including cutting, welding and shaping, to manufacture the most effective products. Get in touch with the trade waste team today and find out how we can solve any issues you might experience.

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