Aircare stocks Ecoair fume cupboards

Friday 4 June 2021, 11:24AM
By Media Giant

The Ecoair fume cupboards are specifically designed for a laboratory setting and have energy-saving features. Aircare can custom make this product for your needs to ensure it fits perfectly in your desired location.

The fume cupboards use a variable air volume (VAV) system, which ensures less air would be needlessly exhausted, the cost of replacing conditioned air would be reduced, and the fan and wind noise of the cupboard is significantly reduced. A much more energy-efficient and option than a fixed volume cupboard, this option will not only save you some money but also reduce its impact on the environment.

Adding Ecosash, further improves the cupboard’s safety and optimises energy usage. With automatic sash lowering, the loss of conditioned air from the laboratory will be minimised. This technology will ensure your workplace is safe and operates to its full potential.

Aircare is happy to offer this eco-friendly solution to all our clients to enable a positive laboratory environment.

Aircare Extraction Systems Limited is located in Melbourne and manufactures fume cupboards, extraction fans, scrubbing systems and customised products made from rigid plastic. We meet all requirements and create our products with high quality and great focus on safety. If you would like to learn more about our Ecoair cupboards or our other products, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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