Sutherland Performance offers stage 2 tuning for European vehicles

Friday 4 June 2021, 1:57PM
By Media Giant

Stage 2 tuning at Sutherland Performance further improves your European car’s performance.

After the technological improvements in stage 1 of tuning at our garage, we will replace hardware parts that hold your car back from reaching its full potential. This might include an air filter or exhaust system replacement. In this stage, we will point out any parts that should be replaced to improve your vehicle’s performance. We will order new and necessary elements for you and fit them once they arrive. This ensures that you don’t have to visit several different garages to get the most out of your car.

Sutherland Performance can drastically improve your European vehicle’s performance through our extensive knowledge of performance tuning, and we will ensure you get even more from your car in the second stage of improvements. We offer a personalised boutique service to our customers in Wellington and take care of your vehicle for you. Apart from performance tuning, we also provide servicing, repairs, warrant of fitness and diagnostics for our customers and ensure your car is in the best hands. You can order special parts for your European vehicle through our shop to increase its capacity and power. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our performance tuning service!

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