Cheapest Cars To Insure

Sunday 6 June 2021, 2:44PM
By MoneyHub New Zealand

MoneyHub has published a list of twenty cars that are some of the cheapest to insure on New Zealand roads

MoneyHub Senior Researcher Christopher Walsh said:

“Car insurance can be expensive, and our ongoing comparison research indicates a range in quotes between providers. However, we wanted to know the cheapest cars to insure and asked a select number of insurers to help us answer that question. This list of twenty is the result”.

“It may not be a surprise, but most of the cars on our list all share a common feature – they’re small, Japanese-manufactured and aren’t popular with drivers who modify or race cars”.

“Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Kia dominate our list. The list is in no particular order, and the cars are of no particular year or origin (i.e. Japanese import or New Zealand specific model) etc. We’ve also included fuel consumption information where available”.

“Most importantly, this list is general, and like all MoneyHub guides, does not apply to any individual. For example, a 25-year-old driver with a history of claims wanting to insure a 2017 Toyota Aqua may receive quotes higher than a 54-year-old woman who has not claimed in the last ten years”.

“We’ve crunched the data to give a list that is general in nature, and our research team will be updating the details on an ongoing basis”.

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