Redwood Clothing is shacking up tall women's clothing

Monday 14 June 2021, 1:32PM
By Media Giant

The New Zealand women’s clothing brand is helping tall females find their style.

Redwood Clothing stocks a range of products specifically designed for very tall women who are unable to find clothes that fit in regular stores. All labels from New Zealand designer brands have been redesigned to fit females who are taller than 175cm, as we have seen the difficulties that these people face, such as sleeves being too short.

At Redwood Clothing, we not only lengthen arm sleeves and legs but also readjust pockets, hip rise and waist position to create the ideal fit for even the tallest woman in your life. We help women see that they don’t need to settle for something that just fits. Our team ensures you are confident and look the best in the clothing available from our store. We stock high-quality NZ designer clothing, so no tall women need to miss out on style because of their height.

You can shop Redwood Clothing products at Willow Shoes stores across the country, where you can talk to our knowledgeable staff and get some fashion advice. They will be happy to help answer any questions you might have and ensure you look the best once you leave the store. We also have an online store to make shopping convenient for our customers.

Visit our website at and explore our products!