Canda warns against Ransomware attacks

Wednesday 23 June 2021, 10:12AM
By Media Giant

In their recent blog, cybersecurity experts at Canda have explored the topic of ransomware attacks and how they can be avoided and handled.

Ransomware is a widespread cybersecurity issue, whereby your files become encrypted, so you can’t access them until you pay the given ransom. Unfortunately, many people fall for this dangerous hack and pay the fee, as they believe in no other way can they access their data.

Since the Covid19, these attacks have increased to several thousand a day, as many of us spend more time on our computers than we used to. It becomes utterly essential to have cybersecurity measures in place and not download any attachments from suspicious spam emails.

Canda are cybersecurity specialists who can help ensure that your system and data are protected from any security breaches and attacks, such as ransomware. We offer certifications and accreditations and help keep cloud, application and system security in place. Our experienced team performs risks assessments and remediation management to ensure that all your data is protected in the best way possible. If you have any questions about ransomware or are concerned about the state of your cybersecurity, get in touch with us today!

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