Changes to Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble – Pacific Legal

Tuesday 13 July 2021, 10:03AM
By Media Giant

Several New Zealander’s and Australian’s travel plans have been disrupted due to border closures with different states and territories.

Pacific Legal warns travellers about the risk of being stuck in the country, as many have in recent weeks and encourages people to be prepared for disruptions and changes to their plans. With New South Wales getting an outbreak of several new Covid cases a day and Sydney being in lockdown, we suggest people open to modifications to their journey are the only ones who travel to the country until the cases are contained.

Getting advice from a travel and immigration expert, such as Pacific Legal, is a great idea to find out what you can expect from such a journey in the coming months. As people coming from Australia are only allowed to enter New Zealand with a negative pre-departure Covid test, stricter rules still apply to those seeking visas and residence in the country. If you are planning to migrate to New Zealand, we suggest you get in contact with an immigration lawyer, who can explain what to expect and help you with all preparation.

Pacific Legal is a New Zealand-based immigration law firm supporting people worldwide seeking residency and visas in the country. We have worked on several hard cases and overturned decisions of New Zealand officials, so you are in the most experienced hands with our team. Contact us if you have any questions about the travel bubble changes or are planning to migrate to New Zealand.

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