Visit Victoria Street Dental for your root canal treatments

Tuesday 13 July 2021, 10:28AM
By Media Giant

Victoria Street Dental offers root canal treatments to its patients to restore badly damaged teeth.

The central Wellington dentist aims to solve all dental issues without tooth removal, and this treatment option is a great way to save an infected tooth. Root canal treatment involves removing an infected nerve and cleaning the inside of the tooth that has been damaged. The procedure usually takes two or more appointments before the dentist rebuilds and fills the damaged tooth.

The professional dental team will suggest a root canal treatment for people who have pain, swelling and infection in their tooth, as in this way, removal is not required. However, it is essential to monitor the healing of the tooth to ensure that no further issues will arise.

Victoria Street Dental is an expert in making their patients comfortable and relaxed during their appointment and enabling them to leave with a healthy smile. The dentists are thoroughly experienced in solving infections with root canal treatments so that you will be in the best set of hands. Get in touch with us today if you have pain or swelling in one of your teeth!

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