New faces join Media Giant

Tuesday 20 July 2021, 11:01AM
By Media Giant

The Wellington-based digital marketing company has grown its team with two new web designers.

Media Giant is going through a period of growth at the moment and would like to increase its capacity with the two new hires. Zoe McLean and Nick Robertson have joined the team as junior web designers and will work on building websites and designing new looks for clients. With previous experience in design, both staff members are a perfect addition to the team and will work to speed up the website build process within the company.

The SEO company is happy to welcome these two new staff members to their team and is looking forward to seeing the potential that we can achieve as the company expands. With the Auckland office up and running and the Wellington office growing, we are excited to bring on more clients and make their digital dreams come true.

Media Giant is a digital marketing company focusing on search engine optimisation through website design, link building and content writing. Working with businesses from many different industries, including lawyers, tradespeople and medical professionals, we will ensure you understand the way that the search engine works and how you can grow your digital audience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve digital growth!

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