Jenco Electrical Guarantee Their Work

Tuesday 20 July 2021, 3:18PM
By Duoplus


Auckland and North Shore Electrician, Jenco Electrical, are over the negative reputations of some tradies. So much so, that they have a 10 point guarantee for evey customer and every job.

In their opinion, "no one should have to tolerate unreliable and careless tradies."

So they pride themsleves on being different from other sparkies you may have met.

From day one it’s been their mission to – not only provide high quality workmanship in all their electrical work – but to put their customers first.

It’s the little things which count, such as:

  • Turning up on time
  • Treating people's homes with respect
  • Putting a drop cloth down to minimise mess.

It’s these things that the Master Electricians from Auckland pride ourselves on – and after 10 years in business in Auckland, they've built a strong reputation through:

  • Unmatched customer service
  • Constant professionalism
  • And getting it right first time!

They care about this so much that they guarantee it.

Jenco have consistently demonstrated that they will:

  1. Provide top quality workmanship.
  2. Be on time, or contact you if they're held up.
  3. Clean up after every job (all of their vans carry a vacuum and dust cloths).
  4. Wear shoe covers, or put drop cloths down to protect your flooring.
  5. Have all of their electricians police and background checked.
  6. Treat you with the utmost respect – along with your home, business, or property.
  7. Protect your privacy.
  8. Provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions when purchasing products, or planning the work you need.
  9. Provide quotes to you within 48 hours, or inform you of a timeframe if waiting on information from other sources.
  10. Leave information with you (or on site) which tells you who worked at your premises and their contact information

But that's not all! Every job also comes with:

  • A 24 month workmanship warranty
  • A 12 month, $20,000 “Master Electrician’s” workmanship guarantee

Jenco go on to promise that they won't:

  1. Talk you into any unnecessary work.
  2. Sell you overpriced products that are not required for the job being done.
  3. Pass on, sell or share any customer’s details with a third party.

And it seems their customers agree.

Margaret Hyland says,

“Their professionalism was a refreshing change from the run-around we’d gotten from some others.”

Lorraine Davies of Powell Webber & Associates notes that,

“We always had problems finding electricians who were reliable, turned up when they said they would, did quality work, and were available at short notice… That is until we appointed Jenco Electrical.”

These Auckland Electricians are on a crusade. They are working hard to turn the reputation of their industry around.

I think Auckland coud do with a few more crusaders like that, don't you!