TIDD Cranes Selling Well in Australia

Tuesday 20 July 2021, 4:55PM
By Duoplus

TRT have been setting a new benchmark for both functionality and safety in the Pick and Carry crane sector, with the TIDD PC28 crane for sale in Australia. With a huge 28t lift capacity, the TIDD PC28 has been designed and manufactured by TRT with a focus on safety and operator comfort.

In 2020, TRT directors, Bruce and Robert Carden said that, “from the start, the TIDD development was intended to set new standards in articulated crane performance, but more importantly the way in which safety, risk and the operators are protected to satisfy duty of care and mitigate risk to all stakeholders. We truly believe that this journey has created the product the industry has been demanding.”

“After extensive industry and expert consultation that started in 2017, we launched our new generation TIDD PC28 in May 2019. We believe that since its launch the TIDD PC28 is creating a new benchmark in performance expectation within the market.”

As previously reported, It’s not just the manufacturer’s claims. Based on what customers are saying, TRT is creating a new benchmark in performance and service expectation within the pick and carry market.

2021 sales seems to back this up.

  • In July, TRT Australia announced that TIDD PC28 #6 of 6 has been delivered to Cranecorp Australia. TRT Sales Person Troy Hand was there to handover the keys to Joe Pito, Cranecorp Asset and Compliance Manager, at the Henderson depot.
  • Col Walz owner of Walz Group has just this week taken ownership of their new TIDD PC28 Crane.  Troy Hand made the trip to Paget, Mackay to handover the keys to Peter Muzic, Walz Group Crane Supervisor and provide the TIDD Operator Training Program to the team.
  • Ian Rowan from QME Engineering just ordered their first TIDD PC28 Crane, which will be operating in Kangaroo Flats VIC.
  • In May, AM Cranes & Rigging received their 3rd TIDD PC28. This unit was delivered to their Kingaroy QLD depot where the TRT team visited to provide the TIDD Operator Training Program.
  • In April, JT Cox Concrete Contracting got cracking into work with their new TIDD PC28! Complete with counterweight, 15T Rhino Hook and Slew Safe, the first job was on their own site in Longreach QLD, moving precast concrete for a new shed they are building.
  • March saw another TIDD PC28 delivered to the new owners JGB Cranes Pty Ltd by Ronco Group! JGB Cranes is an experienced crane hire business located in Perth, WA.
  • In February, the regional manager for the Bowen Basin, Jim Bell, was on hand to welcome a TIDD PC28 to the fleet. After running through some training with TRT Australia, the team were free to transport the shiny new crane to the Freo Group depot in Dysart.

In their own words, the TIDD Crane - PC28 is the ultimate Pick and Carry Crane for capability, safety and operator comfort!

Having invested heavily in R&D, there is no other articulating crane that compares to the new TIDD PC28 pick and carry crane. It is constructed using the highest quality components and prioritises safety throughout its revolutionary design features.

  • European standard automotive finish
  • Shortest forward projection in its class
  • Outstanding turning radius of 44°either side of the centre

With a large number of class-leading features, the TIDD PC28 can rightly claim to be the new standard in articulating crane safety

  • Full power, 4 section telescopic boom
  • 75% stationery chart and 66% pick and carry chart
  • Ability to road its own 2.3t counterweight
  • Dynamic LMI automatically reduces the lift chart for side slope.
  • Ergonomic, ROPS certified cabin and 3 point safety belts for maximum driver safety
  • Slew Safe for outstanding operational safety
  • New optional 1.1t Superlift Counterweight for extra heavy lifts
  • Optional Traction Air® - crane tyre pressure control management for a constant 130 PSI no matter the site or lift

The TIDD Crane is manufactured under ISO 9001: 2015

Albert Smith, Group Managing Director - Universal Cranes states that, "the rollover protection cabin is a significant benefit to all industries, particularly mining...They're really well finished, far superior to most things made in Australia."

The PC28 is designed with greater visibility than any other pick and carry crane, which greatly removes blind spots and improves visibility of the load and people in the operating zone, from all angles and retains the forward-mounted cabin design so popular with the PC25.

TIDD remains the only articulating crane to deliver a certified cab rollover protection system (ROPS).

The TIDD PC28 is yet another example of TRT's ongoing commitment to innovation. Bruce explains why this is so important to TRT, “Innovation is often a term overused or used loosely by companies, but it IS part of the TRT ethos. When we saw an opportunity to improve outcomes for people, we choose to invest and lead from the front.”