Government invests in Porirua water and sewerage infrastructure – Hugo Plastics

Wednesday 21 July 2021, 10:39AM
By Media Giant

Eastern Porirua has received $136 million from the government to improve its infrastructure through a new reservoir, wetland and sewage pipe.

The suburb is currently struggling with flooding, leakages and wet homes, leading to unhealthy living conditions in many households. The government is hoping to solve the problem with new sewage pipes and a better wastewater system, and heavy construction is expected in the area in the near future.

Hugo Plastics is thrilled that the government is recognising the need for developments in infrastructure, and as wastewater experts are hoping to be involved in the process. The plastic manufacturing company provides grease traps for restaurants and commercial kitchens, which ensures that the wastewater stays clean of fats and oils and keeps the pipes unblocked.

As a Porirua based business, we would love to support commercial kitchens in the area and ensure they comply with all legal requirements. We can custom-make grease traps to fit your space and solve any issues that you might have with your trade waste. Contact us today to find out more about our involvement and how we can support the safe wastewater systems of Porirua and other regions in Wellington.

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