Aircare stocks and installs Labrocare fume cupboards

Wednesday 21 July 2021, 11:02AM
By Media Giant

Labrocare fume cupboards are designed for professional laboratories with the safety and health of scientists in mind.

Aircare’s fume cupboards are fully compliant with all New Zealand and Australian requirements. The extraction systems manufacturing company can custom-make and design cupboards with optional special features to fit any demanding environment.

Even at the highest temperatures, all hazardous chemicals are kept contained, and the product offers an extremely high level of protection to any worker. The air bypass system prevents air from coming out even when the sash is opened, giving total comfort to anyone working on chemicals.

The Labrocare fume cupboard provides a lock at standard working height, serving as a barrier when the operator wants to open it higher. If it is extended above the normal height at any point, airflow will be reduced to keep the worker still safe.

Aircare Extraction Systems is an Australian based manufacturer and installer of fume cupboards, cabinets and extraction fans. All our products are of high quality and meet strict requirements, so everyone can have peace of mind when working on hazardous components. Contact us to find out more about our Labrocare fume cupboards and how they might benefit you.

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