Record number of jobs advertised in New Zealand – Virtual Assistant

Thursday 22 July 2021, 10:48AM
By Media Giant

For the fourth consecutive month, Seek has had its highest number of jobs advertised. However, application numbers a decreasing.

There is a great demand in the country for workforces in different industries. However, due to worldwide circumstances, many job seekers are reluctant to apply to every job that might fit their search criteria. In turn, organisations are struggling to find suitable staff members for their jobs, and the recruitment process is taking much longer than what they have been used to.

It could be an excellent idea for a business to hire a virtual assistant for administration and office support during this time. Virtual assistants work for the company remotely, doing various tasks, such as bookkeeping, documentation, communications, personal assistant and even human resource management. Managers can tailor the assistant’s work to fit their needs, taking the pressure off them to hire an employee quickly and without thorough considerations.

Virtual Assistant gives extra help without the need for office space and for however long your organisation needs it. The company takes the pressure off you when you need a helping hand quickly and can even support you through a recruitment process to ensure that you access the greatest workforce. If you have any questions about the way we work, get in touch with us today.

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