Labels Plus custom make name badges for any business

Friday 23 July 2021, 11:55AM
By Media Giant

The customized name badges reflect your branding and ensure your customers know who they are dealing with.

All Labels Plus products are manufactured in New Zealand with state of the art equipment and are designed by passionate Kiwis, who will accommodate you in any way they can. Our name badges can come in many different shapes, sizes and colours to align with your business’s design. We have specific mounting and fixing options to ensure they stay on your clothes, whatever type of work you are doing.

The team at Labels Plus can create special finishes, so the name badges last for a long time and don’t get damaged from everyday wear. Labels Plus will find an ideal solution for you whether you need just a few or hundreds of name badges. We will ensure you get your products quickly and that they work well for your staff members and customers. Whether you want standard badges or gold or silver backing once, the pricing will change as you order a larger quantity. If you need name badges for your business, get in touch with Labels Plus today, and we will be happy to sort you out.

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