Redwood Clothing supports tall women's shopping journeys

Monday 26 July 2021, 10:50AM
By Media Giant

Redwood Clothing is providing tall women with clothes that fit their longer limbs.

A shopper and worker at the tall women’s clothing store has shared her success with blog readers. Trudi recalled the difficulty of finding clothes that fit her off the rack before the launch of Redwood Clothing. She regularly needed to use a sawing machine to create her own clothes, as nothing would suit her from a regular clothing store due to how tall she was and how long her legs and arms were.

She explains the unique work that Redwood Clothing has done to offer a solution for women like her and her role in the process. Trudi was the model last year, trying on new clothes by New Zealand designers to see how the unique measurements fit, felt and how comfortable they were.

According to her, Redwood Clothing offers support to tall women on their shopping journey like no other store in New Zealand does. With a range of tops, pants and dresses specially made for tall women, the clothing store offers a solution that is a success for any tall woman trying to find an ideal fit for their limbs. Visit the store online and read our blogs about how we have helped several desperate women across the country.