Get your root canal treatment sorted at Central Hutt Dental

Thursday 29 July 2021, 8:42AM
By Media Giant

The central Lower Hutt dentist offers this renowned treatment option to solve serious dental issues without extraction.

Root canal treatments help preserve the natural tooth when the nerve within the structure has been infected. This can cause significant pain and disruptions to your everyday activities. The process involves the dentist removing the infected nerve and cleaning out the tooth's pulp to preserve the structure and eliminate further complications. The treatment generally takes two to three appointments, and at the end, a crown is placed on top of your tooth to ensure no other complications come up in the area.

The dentists at Central Hutt Dental have performed numerous root canal treatments and are experts in keeping their patients relaxed and out of pain for the entire appointment. During your visit, they will inject a local anaesthetic in the area to eliminate any feeling in that part of the mouth. The procedure will not only save your tooth but will also get you out of pain.

If you require a root canal treatment, contact our central Lower Hutt dental clinic today to book an appointment.

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