Cool Air owner, Regan Koster Cool Air owner, Regan Koster CREDIT: Cool Air Timaru

Timaru company working on Covid-19 treatment rooms

Thursday 26 August 2021, 4:10PM
By Duoplus


Timaru company, Cool Air Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, have been busy setting up special Covid-19 treatments rooms at Timaru Hospital.

Cool Air owner, Regan Koster, said the special rooms used negative pressure ventilation, to lower the pressure inside the treatment room. 

By keeping the air pressure inside the room lower than the air pressure outside the room, potentially contaminated air or other dangerous particles from inside the room will not flow outside into non-contaminated areas.

The lower air pressure allows outside air into the room, while any air that flows out of the room has to pass through a filter.

Koster and his team have already completed eight rooms.

Cool Air are well known for installing refrigeration and heat pumps in Timaru and completed similar work at the hospital in 2020.